Music Samples

I have included sample tracks of compositions that will give you some idea of the nature of my work. I've created period style sounds to accompany the audio guides at Strawberry Hill House, enigmatic piano tracks and experimental instrumental music. See what you think, and let me know your impression.

Strawberry Hill
Medieval Herald (1:42:)
Bachesque Waltz (1:01)
Hall and Staircase (1:20)
Sounds Naïve
Looking Back (1:47)
Melodica (1:59)
New Day (1:31)
Small Steps (2:05)
Where Next (1:08)
Piano Tracks
(Trying to) Move On (2:39)
After Eric (2:47)
Strange Dream (1:48)
Piano Player's Blues (2:40)
Make Haste (2:02)
French Film (1:41)
Sound Cloud Examples
Mat Lucas Music
Baraka Jazz